Something Awful


Hi, this is pair.mbl.ca. This is a backup webpage for mbl.ca, should the server go down. Unfortunately, we can't have any dynamic content here but we can have static content. So, on your left are a list of links to keep you busy while the hole is being fixed and/or everyone discusses the merits of phoning Ken. In the 'members' section is a copy of the some of the mbl content.

S I T E   N E W S
07/06/18 The hole has been down for a couple of days, but email (except mailing lists) should be working fine. Let me know if you're experiencing any problems.
07/04/17 If you have a mailbox @mbl.ca, change you pop/imap server from 'pair.mbl.ca' to 'mail.mbl.ca'. When logging into webmail, entre your email address like this person@mbl.ca instead of person@pair.mbl.ca. Please email me and let me know your email is working!
07/04/16 NEWSFLASH: the hole is still down. Apparently it will be down until further notice.. it might be back online Tuesday.
07/04/14 The hole is out of service for now, so DNS and web hosting have been switched over to pair. The website will be down until further notice. Email may be distrubted, but hopefully not for long. Please call me if you experience any email problems: 647-885-0463.
04/03/20 Plethora (powderedbeer's server) is offline until DSL access at Eric's house can be restored.
03/05/09 Neil reported the hole is down. If it's still not back up Sunday evening, I'll switch mbl.ca over to this website. AFAIK, email is still working. Update: the hole was back up before the end of the day.
02/09/29 None yet.
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