This is an attempt to create a general purpose Word Document conversion utility (with which to take over the world). As I write this (July 2003) I've just finished the 'foundation' and am feeling encouraged enough to publish my work to date as a "proof of concept".

Since this is the first release, it is rough around the edges but it still might prove useful to anyone who needs such a utility *now*, regardless the available features (positive or otherwise). The early release also provides insurance that the project won't die prematurely on my desk.

"What can I do to help" you ask? If you have any interesting word documents, those would be helpful as testcases.. please email them to me! I'm particularity interested in large, "real-word" documents that took a long time to author because it will give the 'fast save' code a workout. You can also help by simply sending me mail; I find I spend more time on projects if I feel I'm being useful.


July 8, 2003: Oops: my sourceforge email address is oakhamg@users.sourceforge.net.. not oakhamg@sourceforge.net.



You can contact me (Geoff) at oakhamg@users.sourceforge.net

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